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25% off Plus Free Gift Holiday Promo!

To add a little holiday cheer to your lives, not to mention an extra layer of SAFETY, we are offering a FREE GIFT with any purchase over $40.  The free gift is in addition to our holiday promotion of 25% off the entire site!   Here is some i...

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Revelations during the new normal

Many a wise spiritual advisor has proclaimed that while we can’t help what happens to us, we can certainly manage and help form our responses to the events and experiences that occur. So I thought it was a good time to self reflect and think about...

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Homemade, Nut-Free and Not-Overly-Sweet Granola

Looking for the perfect homemade, nut free granola recipe?  So did I!  I just love a crunchy granola over Greek yogurt with berries in the mornings or even as a snack later in the day but sadly I find myself rarely picking up a store-bought brand ...

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It’s that time of year when many families travel around the world to celebrate the holidays with family and friends. Living with food allergies can make travel difficult, but we are here to encourage you to make the extra effort to travel safely a...

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The start of a new school year is coming soon (or for some may have already started!) which means it's time to review our food allergy safety at school.  Let's begin the year with all of our best practices and procedures in place so we can have th...

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Get Ahead of Your Seasonal Allergies!

    Year after year, we hear the media say THIS is "the worst year ever" for seasonal allergy sufferers, and year after year, so many of us roll our eyes at the media's tendency to over-dramatize. Well for starters let's hope that indeed we will ...

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Four Reasons to Take Two Epi Auto Injectors

Did you know that ALL physicians recommend two shots of epinephrine be carried at all times? Here's why.

It's because two auto-injectors (like EpiPens or AuviQ) are truly a must-have for any person with a life-threatening food allergy (or any severe allergy for that matter) and could make the difference between life and death. That's why our EpiPen cases are always designed for two. 

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Is it a cold or is it allergies?

It is THAT season. The time when we assume it’s a cold, but in the back of our minds, know it could be allergies, even though those beautiful trees and flowers we so wrongly point the finger at aren’t in bloom. So which is it?!


By Dr. Jennifer Sherman
Summit Medical Group Allergy (Fair Lawn, NJ)

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Nut-free pecan pie & other food allergen substitute ideas

  The holidays are here! That means lots of festivities, family, and the challenge of making enough food for everyone to enjoy. Home cooked meals, desserts, and loads of gift baskets are sure to make you feel full just at the sight of it all.    ...

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My teal! Whether you are new to the food allergy world and still learning the ropes, or a veteran allergy parent in need of a refresher, we're here to share with you information about that late October trend sweeping across the country called t...

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Six ways to protect your food allergy kids when back to school!

Darn it!  Is it really the end of August!?! Is it really time to get ready to go back to school! I don't know about you guys, but we had such an amazing summer. I would do anything for one more month of summer fun. Then there is the mind blowin...

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Off to Camp We Go With Food Allergies!

  I know we say this every year but here I go again... can you believe that another school year is coming to an end!?!   Of course that means that summer fun and summer camp with long hours and long days (hopefully) ahead for many children! Althou...

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A New Study Regarding Baby Wipes and Food Allergies!

Who doesn't love their baby wipes?!   When my children were infants we were a wipe-full home... I had containers of wipes stashed everywhere... in our bathrooms, our bedrooms, my car, my purse. Well after reading this you and I may think twice abo...

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Valentines - how to celebrate love while keeping children with food allergies safe

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, that means teddy bears, silly cards, and the scariest thing of them all - chocolates. It is usually tradition for classes to throw little parties in school and to print out tiny little cards and give t...

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Let's Review Food Allergy Safety at School!

Hey Allergy Parents & Comrades,  yep we are halfway through the school year and what better time to reflect on what need to be done to continue down safety lane as far as our children with food allergies are concerned.  There’s no putting our ...

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The Holidays are Coming to Town! - Food Allergies & Asthma Safety Tips

With the holidays already upon us we are all about to be exposed to vast amounts of food and more importantly, family, family and more family.  A good thing (or not so good depending on your point of view. LOL!)  Well, we can't help you avoid thos...

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A Safe Thanksgiving with Food Allergies!

The weather is getting colder and the days are getting shorter but who really cares because Thanksgiving is here and it's family & friends time!!!  It's time to not diet and to EAT turkey and pie.  What can be wrong with that!?  Well if you ha...

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Allergens in Turkey?

You may want to double check the labels on your turkey this Thanksgiving! For individuals or parents of kids allergic to common allergens such as DAIRY, SOY, CORN or GLUTEN, did you know that you have to be careful when purchasing and eating your ...

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How My Son & I Came to Terms With His Life-Threatening Allergies

Coming to terms with your child's medical concern, like I have with my child's severe food allergies is no easy feat but things do tend to get easier with time and experience. It's always a good day when media companies like She Knows help share o...

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Chocolate Sunbutter Cups Recipe

Chocolate SunButter Cups It's that time of the year again when it's okay to eat, and perhaps even encouraged, to eat those sweet treats.  What we LOVED about these SunButter Chocolate Cups is that not only are they super easy to make with childre...

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Your Back to School with Food Allergies CHECKLIST

  Yep.  It's that time again.  Whether you are jumping for joy at the prospect of not having to entertain your kids from morning until night every-single-day- OR mourning the end of yet another glorious, lazy days filled summer, it's about to happ...

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Should we be joking about food allergies..?

A message from food allergy advocate Lianne Mandelbaum... Three food allergy deaths in the last 2 weeks alone. Silence is not the way.  We must speak up, educate others and support change in the air. If we do not raise objections to th...

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Diabetes and the Pump

Technology sure is a wonderful thing.  Especially when it aids us in managing chronic diseases like diabetes.  Recently my best friend's daughter started using an insulin pump and it's been a life changer for her, so I thought that I'd do a bit...

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Food Allergies: Which Ones Stay and Which Ones Fade Away

Food allergies are funny things, and I certainly don’t mean “haha.”   We don’t know why our children get them.  We don't know why they suddenly appear and then if we're lucky enough... disappear.  My then toddler son started out with food allergi...

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