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Should we be joking about food allergies..?

Should we be joking about food allergies..?

A message from food allergy advocate Lianne Mandelbaum...
Three food allergy deaths in the last 2 weeks alone.
Silence is not the way.  We must speak up, educate others and support change in the air.
If we do not raise objections to this kind of comedy, we are teaching those around us that food allergies can be funny. It is then no surprise why kids are anxious, embarrassed, and bullied due food allergies. When we make light of anaphylaxis, we perpetuate the misleading stigma regarding food allergies
Comedians may or may not be ignorant, but if audiences, and society for that matter, stop and think and ask ourselves - is it really so funny when humor is hurtful? By dismissing these comments as funny, the world will never begin to understand the danger of food allergies and how food allergies affect peoples’ lives.
May this give you food for thought.  
Lianne Mandelbaum
Founder of Nonuttraveler
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CN Traveler, NY Times, Allergic Living, NY1, Forbes, FARE Award, The Hill, Yahoo!, Fox News, Mashable, CBS News, Huff Post



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