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A penicillin allergy can surprise you.Just because you’ve taken penicillin before and were ok doesn’t mean that you’ll have the same luck next time. Many people won’t experience an allergic reaction until the second or so time they take the drug!

It’s a Needle, It’s a Shot… No, It’s SUPER-CILLIN!

So, my friend, I hear you have a penicillin allergy or want to know more about it… POW! This looks like a job for Super-Cillin! I just got done fighting a nasty battle with my enemy, Bacteria, and have stopped by to help protect kids with allergies against that medicine that may pose a threat to them – penicillin.

Even though penicillin helps most people, it’s still the #1 drug allergy. Most people find out they’re allergic to penicillin within minutes of taking it, but for some, symptoms may not show up until days or weeks later! The good news is that an allergy outbreak to penicillin is rarely severe. Don’t get me wrong – it’s no picnic. It can cause skin rashes and hives, but the reaction is pretty mild compared to other allergies, like peanuts and fish.

There’s a lot more to a penicillin allergy, and the fine folks at AllerMates have created a lot of cool things to help you learn to be safe AND have fun. So kick back, check out the links to the left and come back as often as you’d like.

Now that I’ve done my good deeds for the day, I think I’ll kick back with a good comic book and a broccoli and kale snack. Until next time we meet… POW!