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What causes epilepsy isn’t always known. Doctors have only found the cause for less than half of those who have the disease. The good news? They’ve found many kids will outgrow the seizures caused by epilepsy! 

DR. E sets us straight on epilepsy!

Well, hello. I hear you have epilepsy or want to know more about it. You’ve definitely come to the right place! My name is Dr. E, and I know seizures. I had them myself growing up, and they’re the reason I’m a brain surgeon today. I’m on the search for a cure for kids with epilepsy, but I’ve got a few minutes to tell you a little of what I know.

For starters, if you don’t know what a seizure is, it’s when your brain sends out too many signals at once and can’t control them all. It overloads itself! Just because a person has seizures doesn’t mean they have epilepsy. However, if someone has seizures over a long period of time, like months or years, they likely have epilepsy. Luckily, they’re in good company, since more than 65 million people worldwide have the disease.

I’ve teamed up with the fine folks at AllerMates to help educate you on epilepsy, and they’ve created a lot of cool things so that you can learn to be safe AND have fun. So sit back, check out the links to the left and visit as often as you’d like.

As for me, I need to practice for the upcoming Rubik’s Cube competition. I’m hoping to take home my 18th trophy. Wish me luck!