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A wheat allergy outbreak is no fun, but rarely severe. Your symptoms may include asthma, belly aches and vomiting, or even eczema and skin rashes, but a severe reaction (anaphylaxis) is fortunately rare.

Professor Wheatley dishes on wheat and gluten!

Well, hello there, I hear you want to learn more about wheat and gluten. Yes? Then welcome! You’ve come to the right place. My name is Professor Wheatley, and I’m here to help kids understand and even deal with their wheat allergygluten intolerance or celiac disease

If you’re living with one of these issues, I can’t tell you how important it is to read your labels. You just never know where wheat may be lurking. It’s been known to find its way into hot dogs, some soups and even some arts and crafts materials! Oh, the nerve!

The good news is that there are so many gluten-free foods these days that you have healthy, delicious options. And you also have me and our good friends at AllerMates, who have created a lot of interesting things to show how you can be safe AND have fun, while living with a wheat allergy, gluten intolerance or celiac disease. So sit back, click on the links to the left and stay a while. 

I hear there’s a constellation shaped like a blade of wheat I need to check out now, so until we meet again...!

Professor Wheatley