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People with latex allergies may also be allergic to many fruits. That’s right; some fruits naturally contain latex, like bananas, pineapple, kiwifruit, mango, passion fruit and strawberries!

On the air with DR. STRANGEGLOVE, our latex allergy expert!

Hey there, so you have a latex allergy or want to know more about it? Well, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Why? I’m a latex glove myself. You can call me Dr. StrangeGlove, even though I had to give up my medical profession in order to keep my patients safe. But it’s ok! I’m now a radio host sharing health advice with kids with allergies every afternoon, so I’m still doing what I love. 

To help you, too, here are a few things I tell my listeners. First, know that latex isn’t just in gloves; it’s in a lot of things – balloons, bandages, pacifiers and even some fruit! That’s why it’s important to speak up, and let people know about your allergy, especially at doctor and dentist appointments. I also stress how important it is to read packaging and know what’s in products before handling them. Because as I just said, you never know where latex may be!

The fine folks at AllerMates have some other helpful tips, and they’ve created a lot of cool things to help you learn to be safe AND have fun. So kick back, check out the links to the left and come back as often as you’d like.

I’ve got to go now… I have an appointment to get my nails done. As a big hand, it’s important to keep them looking good. But be sure to tune in, I mean come back, as often as you’d like. 

This is Dr. StrangeGlove signing off.