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A soy allergy outbreak is no fun, but rarely severe. Luckily, most kids have pretty mild allergic reactions to soy, especially compared to the more severe outbreaks kids have from peanuts and fish.

Yo It’s SOY COOL with the Soy Scoop!

Hey there, the word on the street is that you have a soy allergy or want to know more about it. Well, you’ve definitely come to the right place. My name is Soy Cool, though you probably have already heard of me. You can find me in supermarkets and restaurants worldwide. I’m kind of a, ahem, celebrity… but I’m taking some time out of my busy schedule to give kids with allergies the scoop on soy.

Soy is in a lot of foods – crackers, cereals, chips, pizza… all of the good stuff, right?! – so it’s pretty hard to stay away from. Luckily, most kids will grow out of their soy allergy, but if you don’t, no sweat! The key is to just read your labels so that you don’t get sick.

You also have the fine folks at AllerMates here for you. They’ve created a lot of cool stuff to help you be safe AND have fun while living with a soy allergy. So kick back, check out the links to the left and come back as often as you’d like.

Listen, my agent is calling, so I gotta run. But here’s my autograph before I go… 

Soy Cool  ;)