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Asthma “triggers” are different for everyone. Yours may be dust, smoke, pollution, pets, mold, some weather or foods or even exercise. The key to staying safe is to stay away!

PUFFER takes on asthma!

So, you have asthma or want to know more about it? Well, take it from me – Puffer – you’ve definitely come to the right place. Why? Because it’s my duty to keep kids safe when asthma attacks!

Just what is asthma, you ask? Well, you know the tubes that air uses to travel in your body? Asthma is a condition that can make those airways swell, which makes it hard for air to get where it needs to go. And this makes it hard for kids to breathe. Different things, called “triggers”, cause asthma for different kids, and sometimes these triggers are hard to avoid. But no worries! This is where I come in.

I help kids put the puff on asthma, so that they can run, jump, play, whatever. If they’ve got me, I’ve got their back… errrr, airways, I mean. I’ve also got a lot more to share with YOU, so sit back, click on the links to the left and stay a while.

Until next time… Puff, puff and away!