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People who are allergic to ONE nut should avoid ALL nuts. This is because the nut you’re NOT allergic to may have touched the nut you ARE allergic to, which may still make you sick!  Go ahead say... that's NuTs!

NUTSO makes us all… well, NUTTY over your nut allergy!

Hey there! So you have a tree nut allergy or want to know more about it? You’ve definitely come to the right place. My name is Nutso, and I know that parents of kids with allergies go NuTs searching for traces of Nuts. 

Why, you ask? Because there are so many different kinds of tree nuts, and we’re everywhere! So many things you eat have nuts in them, and that makes it very important for kids with a tree nut allergy to  read labels  and ask questions about their food. Otherwise, they could get VERY sick.

Most kids will always have their tree nut allergy, but don’t go NuTs just yet! Stick with the fine folks at AllerMates and learn how to be safe AND have fun. They've created a lot of cool stuff on the links to the left, so sit back and check them out.  

Let’s get nutty!