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There are two shellfish families: the crustaceans and the mollusks. if you're allergic to one mollusk, you'll most likely be allergic to all mollusks, but  it doesn't mean you'll be allergic to crustaceans (or you may!). fyi...(Mollusks = clams, mussels, etc. Crustaceans = shrimp, lobster) 

CRABBY shakes down the shellfish allergy!

Hey you’s, what are you doin’ here?! Oh, I see… you have a shellfish allergy or want to learn more about it. Well, you’ve come to the right place, but you need to be careful coming around these parts. My uncle Lob Boss and cousin Shrimp the Scampi might not be as easy on you. Lucky for you, I like kids with allergies. You can call me Crabby.

Let’s see… where should we start? Oh, I know, I should tell you just how serious a shellfish allergy can get, because it can. Eating shellfish has been known to cause some pretty nasty problems for kids, like hives, breathing issues and vomiting. The good news is that shellfish are actually pretty easy to avoid since they’re not found in many foods. So my best advice to you is to steer clear of all seafood and seafood restaurants.

Of course, there’s a lot more to the shellfish allergy, and our friends at AllerMates have created a bunch of cool stuff to help you learn to be safe AND have fun. So kick back, check out the links to the left and come back as often as you’d like.

Now, my dear mama is making my favorite – spaghetti with meatballs, so I gotta go. Take care of yourself, you hear?