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Homemade, Nut-Free and Not-Overly-Sweet Granola

Looking for the perfect homemade, nut free granola recipe?  So did I!  I just love a crunchy granola over Greek yogurt with berries in the mornings or even as a snack later in the day but sadly I find myself rarely picking up a store-bought brand ...

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The start of a new school year is coming soon (or for some may have already started!) which means it's time to review our food allergy safety at school.  Let's begin the year with all of our best practices and procedures in place so we can have th...

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Four Reasons to Take Two Epi Auto Injectors

Did you know that ALL physicians recommend two shots of epinephrine be carried at all times? Here's why.

It's because two auto-injectors (like EpiPens or AuviQ) are truly a must-have for any person with a life-threatening food allergy (or any severe allergy for that matter) and could make the difference between life and death. That's why our EpiPen cases are always designed for two. 

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Nut-free pecan pie & other food allergen substitute ideas

  The holidays are here! That means lots of festivities, family, and the challenge of making enough food for everyone to enjoy. Home cooked meals, desserts, and loads of gift baskets are sure to make you feel full just at the sight of it all.    ...

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My teal! Whether you are new to the food allergy world and still learning the ropes, or a veteran allergy parent in need of a refresher, we're here to share with you information about that late October trend sweeping across the country called t...

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Let's Review Food Allergy Safety at School!

Hey Allergy Parents & Comrades,  yep we are halfway through the school year and what better time to reflect on what need to be done to continue down safety lane as far as our children with food allergies are concerned.  There’s no putting our ...

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How My Son & I Came to Terms With His Life-Threatening Allergies

Coming to terms with your child's medical concern, like I have with my child's severe food allergies is no easy feat but things do tend to get easier with time and experience. It's always a good day when media companies like She Knows help share o...

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