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Looking for things that can help keep your gluten-free kids safe?

Then look no further. Your AllerMates team has provided you the invaluable resources below, to include critical forms, fun for your gluten-free kids, answers from the doctor, gluten-free recipes, links to awesome apps, and so much more. So go ahead, get started!

Downloads critical forms and invaluable gluten info that can be easily saved or printed, helping keep gluten-free kids safe everywhere they are.

Restaurant Cards


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Gluten-free alert restaurant cards Alerts your server and other restaurant staff of your child’s gluten intolerance.

Babysitter Form


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Babysitter form Provides caregivers’ guidance regarding your gluten-free kid and you peace of mind.

Teacher Form


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Teacher/camp form Introduces teachers or counselors to your kid’s gluten intolerance or celiac disease on the first day and can serve as a reminder for special occasions (parties, field trips, etc.).

Celiac Disease Facts


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Celiac Disease Facts Gives easy-to-understand info for kids (and even parents!) on celiac disease.

Smartphone applications that place invaluable gluten-related info and life-saving tools at your fingertips.


Lets you search for allergy-friendly restaurants nationwide, see ratings, read comments or even leave your own. For iPhone and Android.


Finds gluten-free restaurants and products and allows users to share experiences and recommendations. For iPhone and Android.

Eating Out G-Free

Provides gluten-free tips for eating out, grocery shopping and more, as shared by celebrity Elizabeth Hasselbeck. For Apple devices.

Find Me Gluten Free

Helps your kid eat gluten free by locating supportive restaurants, providing directions, sharing ratings and reviews and more. For iPhone and Android.

Food Additives 2: Free

Gives info on 50 food additives, so that you can quickly know which are ok or not for your gluten-free kid. Upgrade provides data on 450+ additives. For Apple devices.

Gluten Free Daily

Gives info and resources to lose weight and be well while living gluten free, and allows you to track your progress. For iPhone.

Gluten Free Restaurant Cards 

Provides printable restaurant cards in 50+ languages so that your order can be delivered clearly to the kitchen. For Apple devices.


Helps those on Chicago’s North Store be gluten free by providing over 200 friendly businesses and insider info. For Apple devices.