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Looking for things that can help keep your child with diabetes safe?

Then look no further. Your AllerMates team has provided you the invaluable resources below for diabetes in children, to include a diabetes diary, critical forms, fun for the kids, answers from the doctor, links to awesome apps, and so much more. So go ahead, get started!

Critical forms and invaluable information that can be easily saved or printed, helping keep children with diabetes safe everywhere they are.

Diabetes Diary


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Diabetes diary Helps keep track of blood sugar levels and activity, enabling you to keep your child’s diabetes in check.

Babysitter Form


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Babysitter form Provides caregivers’ guidance for managing your kid’s diabetes and peace of mind for you.

Teacher Form


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Teacher/camp form Introduces teachers or counselors to your child’s diabetes on the first day and can serve as a reminder for special occasions (parties, field trips, etc.).

Diabetes Tips & Facts


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Gives easy-to-understand info for everyone on type 1 and 2 diabetes in children.

Smartphone applications that place invaluable info and life-saving tools for children’s diabetes at your fingertips!

Helps control diabetes in children by acting as a record of daily data and activities, with an emphasis on your personal experience. For iPhone, iPod Touch and Android.

Diabetes App (aka Diabetes Buddy)

Tracks factors that affect blood sugar level and monitors changes, so that you can stay on top of it. Hosts an extensive food database, too. For Apple devices.

Diabetic Connect

Provides a diabetic support community, allowing you to ask questions, get answers and share your experiences. For iPhone and Android.

Diabetes Pilot

Delivers diabetes care for kids by recording important numbers, tracking food intake, identifying trends and sharing data as requested. Fee-based; for Apple devices.


Decodes over 200,000 nutrition labels, when scanning product barcodes, helping you make informed buys. For Apple and Android devices.


Helps manage diabetes in children by taking glucose readings directly from the meter and creating an ongoing record for you and your physician. For iPhone and Android.

Glucool Diabetes

Puts you in charge of your kid’s diabetes by tracking vital data, which can be viewed, archived or sent to your doctor, and pinpointing any issues. Fee-based; for Android.

Glucose Buddy

Serves as a comprehensive tool for managing diabetes in children, allowing you to log their numbers, meds, activities and more, and provides alerts as needed. For iPhone, iPod Touch and Android.

OnTrack Diabetes

Records important numbers and info, sends scheduled reminders and makes data available for doctor’s visits. For Android.