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Looking for things that can help keep your child with asthma safe?

Then look no further. Your AllerMates team has provided you the invaluable resources below to assist with asthma in children, to include an asthma action plan, asthma diary, critical forms, fun for the kids, answers from the doctor, links to awesome apps, and so much more. So go ahead, get started!

Critical forms and invaluable info that can be easily saved or printed, helping keep children with asthma safe everywhere they are.

Asthma ABC


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The ABC’s of Asthma Shares time-tested tips for staying safe against asthma in children.

Asthma Action Plan


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Asthma action plan Outlines necessary steps in case of an asthma attack. A must-have for anyone caring for your kid with asthma!

Babysitter form


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Babysitter form  Provides caregivers’ guidance in dealing with asthma in children and peace of mind for you.

Teacher Form


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Teacher/camp form Introduces teachers or counselors to your kid’s asthma on the first day and can serve as a reminder for special occasions (parties, field trips, etc.).

Asthma Diary


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Asthma diary Helps keep track of your child’s asthma attacks, enabling you to easily identify triggers and avoid them in the future.

Smartphone applications that place invaluable info and life-saving tools for asthma in children at your fingertips

Assist Me With Inhalers

Acts as an “Inhaler Buddy”, giving audio guidance for using your specific inhaler, and provides medicine reminders as directed. For Apple devices.

Asthma Buddy

Automates your Asthma Action Plan, sending medication reminders and showing first aid instructions in the event of an asthma attack. For iPhone and Android.

Asthma Journal Pro

Tracks asthma symptoms, possible triggers and meds, and connects with Google Health to share with doctors and others. Fee based (Lite version available). For Apple devices.


Provides an online journal for logging asthma activity, meds and triggers, and allows data to be shared with doctors and researchers (upon opt in). For Apple devices.


Lets you know when you’re at risk for an asthma attack by logging and assessing your symptoms, medication use and breathing data. For iPhone and Android. Allergy Alert

Shares index levels for pollen, asthma and more via your choice of one-day alerts or four-day forecasts. For iPhone and iPod Touch.


Teaches kids with asthma how to properly use an inhaler, identify and avoid triggers, use an Asthma Action Plan and more through play. Fee-based; for iPhone and Android.