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Received wrong charm waiting for answer to email

Perfect size

I already have a case for the epipen, but recently switched to the auviq. I immediately knew I would turn to Allermates for a case. It fits easily inside my purse and is ready to use if needed.

This ice pack is just the right size for my intended needs . Time will tell when f it holds up over the long haul ?

Helps to keep my son safe!

Very cute bracelet and my son is happy to wear it. Fun design and color and helps in alerting others to keep my son safe. Highly recommend.

Did not receive product, received wrong product

Hi Juanito,

Can you tell me if this was ever resolved? If not, please feel free to reach out to us at our customer service area or help email, and we'll be happy to make this right for you!


Did not receive product, received wrong product


I love these so much that I bought a second set after having the first for years! with my first I kept Benadryl Advil, Tylenol. My second has Fpies so I keep the Zofran and Benadryl in her bag. It’s so nice not to carry the full bottle around and I love the labels with the expiration date!


the ice pack is excellent


Fast delivery perfect for Epipens and other meds and ice pact good

Excellent Meds Case

I recently purchased this case for my teen daughter to replace a smaller, kiddie style Allermates case bought 10 years ago. This case is a better size to fit her ventolin, 2x epipens and anitihistamine tablets. The personal info flap on the outside is an improvement on the smaller case we had which included a card tucked inside that got a bit crumpled and was harder to find and read. This case suits my daughter well - she likes the black colour and sporty striped strap. Not too medical looking to be uncool, but does have a quiet practical style I expect to be long lasting fashion wise.

Love it!

I love how small it is and I feel like my daughters auvi Q is safe in the florida heat!

Good product

Good product

Good product

Good product

Great case to transport Epi-Pens

Very happy with my purchase. I bought two and it is large enough to fit Epi, inhaler, and some other meds but not so large that it is unwieldy to carry!

My daughter loves it

I bought this as a gift for my daughter and she loves it. Uses it to carry her Auviq and other stuff. Very practical - thank you

I looked at a few cases for my daughter's Auvi-Q before settling in this. The zippers are high quality and the case is just big enough. It fits two injectors, one dose of liquid medicine and an Allermates ice pack. Many cases I looked into were too big and took up too much room in my purse. This one is perfect! Worth having to pay for delivery. Thanks Allermates.

"Jake" Insulated Case
Shelley, Natasha

Great for two Auvi Q and small liquor

Excellent Product

I'm an atypical buyer for this product. While I have diabetes what I needed was something to carry a variety of otc meds, mini first aid kit, and other things like lip balm, hand lotion because I spend most days working and away from home.

Before I found this I would have altoid tins filled with aspirin ,those little blister packs that some meds come and other things like Band-Aids all jammed in a zip lock bag. The Parker now holds everything neatly, no more rummaging around in the zip lock or worse the bottom of my back pack, no more needing a band aid only to find it open and useless. There was so much room I've was able to add things I've I wanted to carry but just wasn't practical.

On the outside there's a pocket that's perfect for wet wipes and Band-Aids. Opening the Parker you want to imagine a book, on where the table of contest would be there's a giant pocket with clear plastic that's fantastic for holding things you need on the daily next to a small mesh pocket that great for hand lotion.

The center page is a detachable mini pouch. I know its supposed to hold insulin pens but it has these mesh pockets that make it great for holding wet naps, eye glass cleaner and of course otc meds. The elastic that's supposed to hold the pens are great for lip balm or pill bottles also. And in a size that makes it fit easily into a purse or glove box

The back page has a mesh pocket that stretches' from on side of the bag to the other that holds larger items with elastic above it to secure things like EpiPen's, insulin pens. I keep a tube of Alker seltzer chews and a tube pain reliver cream and it all fits nicely. The last part is what you can image is the dust jacket, like when people use it for a book mark. It has three pouches accessible by one long zipper and is attached to right side of the Parker. I loved the design of the three three smaller pouches attached , but was not sure about the mesh but I've had it for a while and even when there sharp corned things in it it hasn't snagged yet.

This product is beyond great, it's easy to clean, the materials are sturdy and it is large enough to hold what ever you need to take with you medicine wise.

Just What I Was Looking For

The case is exactly what I was looking for! It's small enough to fit in my son's pocket. I wish it were a little less bulky, and even slimmer for a better fit for boys who want to keep it in their pocket. We don't use the case to store Benadryl, so don't need the room. The zipper broke on our case after a few months, and we were sent a replacement, no questions asked. Great customer service!

Ice for insulin bag

Too big for insulin case

Excellent case

The Jet insulated case is the perfect size for Humira pens and the small ice pack. It's small, well made, and durable. Perfect for active people.

Exceeded Expectations

The case is exactly what we needed and way better quality and usefulness than I would have expected. I love this brand now and will continue to use for our son.

Great product

Love it. Well thought out design. Thank you!

Exactly what I was looking for

I was looking for a form that I could hand out to pretty much anyone and everyone- babysitters, teachers, grandma. This one is so cute- makes my daughter smile as well!

Love these cases, and especially the tiny liquid bottle!

I ordered this case to store my son's Auvi-Qs in his classroom. I love that they are super visible with the red, and have some protection from cold/hot when brought outside for outdoor play due to the insulation. But the real surprise benefit has been the tiny liquid medicine vial. I had gotten lax about carrying full bottles of liquid zyrtec/benadryl. Once this arrived, I filled it with a dose, and just this weekend we needed it and had it right on hand, already measured out. Love love love this bag!