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Hi, I’m Iris, mom to 3 awesome kids and founder and CEO of AllerMates. When my son Ben was diagnosed with severe food allergies and asthma, I wanted to find a way to teach him about his health concerns in a way that was fun and non-intimidating. Read More

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Five natural ways to help tackle seasonal allergies

Discover these five au naturel ways to help relieve your child's seasonal allergies during high pollen times.

Six ways to protect your food allergy kid when back to school

Put these six things into practice and help keep your food allergy kid safe at school.

Breathe a little easier about exercise for your asthma kid

Get tips for helping your asthma kid exercise safely for greater confidence and health.

Your kid must go to the emergency room as a result of using epinephrine. True or false?

Learn the reason your child must go to the E.R. following an epinephrine injection.

Ask Our Medical Experts...

We get questions from parents and caregivers daily regarding their children's health concerns, and we go straight to the experts, our doctors, for the answers. Click the links below to see what you want to know and what our doctors have to say.
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