And the most common asthma trigger is…

As parents and caregivers of children with allergies and/or asthma, it’s so important that we educate ourselves as much as can to help keep our asthmatic children safe and healthy!  So here is a little test for you…   As you probably already know, identifying what your child’s asthma triggers and helping them avoid those […]

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Why is Wearing an Allergy Bracelet / Medical ID So Important?

I started AllerMates after an incident with my food allergic son’s preschool. One of his buddies, who had multiple food allergies including a dairy allergy, was given a dairy snack by his teacher. He had a severe allergic reaction, and I started to think about how easily that could have been my son.  I set […]

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Asthma Inhalers 101: What You Should Know

My son, Ben, not only has severe food allergies, but also deals with asthma (what a fun combo, right?) When Ben was first diagnosed with what I would consider to be mild asthma (in comparison to others), I always wished that someone would hand me a list of pointers that would help me navigate the […]

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Shaking Things Up at CVS Health Stores With New, Exciting Changes for Kids with Food Allergies!

AllerMates is proud to have now been on CVS Health stores’ shelves for over three years offering our popular allergy bracelets and colorful cases to hold kids allergy medicine! My little team and I have been dedicated to educating parents and children and advocating for food allergy awareness for years, so being able to partner with CVS […]

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When back to school, education starts at home.

As I’ve said a thousand times before… as parents, we are our children’s first and foremost educators, and one of the most important things we do in this role is teach them about their health. I know that if you’re reading this post, your kid’s health education is of utmost importance to you, whether related to food allergies, asthma, diabetes or another health concern.

While it was my own family’s experience that founded AllerMates, it’s been your stories that have helped us build beyond our original line of safety products. In fact, AllerMates “Teacher Forms” were inspired by…

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What’s causing our kids’ health concerns? Are we too clean?!

As a parent to a child with a health concern, there’s nothing more frustrating than not knowing how your kid came to be the lucky one of 13 kids to have a food allergy or one of 10 to have asthma. It seems like every week there’s a different theory on why these issues exist, whether something we did during pregnancy or early childhood, or alternatively, something we didn’t do.

One such theory we hear about regularly these days is the Hygiene Hypothesis.

On the surface, it may seem pretty ridiculous. So ridiculous in fact…

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Most kids outgrow their asthma. True or false?

If you’re a parent to a kid with asthma, don’t hold your breath because, unfortunately, most of our kids will NOT outgrow their asthma, which means our answer is…

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Breathe a little easier about exercise for your asthma kid

Jackie Joyner-Kersee. David Beckham. Amy Van Dyken. What do they all have in common, besides being world-class athletes? ASTHMA. And what about runner Paula Radcliffe and swimmer Peter Vanderkaay, besides being Olympians? EXERCISE-INDUCED ASTHMA. And they’re all living proof that our kids can have asthma AND be active. Even though every child is different, there’s […]

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Asthma: Why we need rescue meds AND maintenance meds

Read four recommendations for preventing and fighting asthma.

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Kids with asthma… go the distance!

Raising a child with asthma, your main goal is to ensure he or she leads the most normal, healthy life possible. It’s no secret that one of the keys to doing that is through regular physical activity and exercise (and no, kids, that doesn’t include hours logged on video games and smartphones!).

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