I'm P. Nutty and guess what - today must be your lucky day! You get to have none other than an expert like ME teach you a little about the weird and wacky world of ALLERGIES.

I know what you're thinking. I don't look like your average expert (I'm slightly cooler looking) but trust me... I know lots about ALLERGIES.

As a matter of fact, someone as, ahem, popular and famous as me gets asked tons questions all the time, so in order to make things easier for myself figured I'd take the time to make a list of

  • What are allergies and what causes them?

      Um. Okay. Let me just think about this for a minute… I don’t want to make a mistake on my first… Wait a second! That’s it…

      A MISTAKE!

      That’s what causes an allergy. An allergy is what happens when your body or more specifically, your IMMUNE SYSTEM makes a MISTAKE and treats something that is supposed to be harmless to you (like a peanut or an egg) as though it is something that is really bad for you (like bacteria or a virus).

      How does this happen....

      Well, I’m sure you’ve heard of important parts that exist inside of your body like your heart… or your brain that help keep you alive and healthy. But did you know that you also have a whole team inside of your body called the IMMUNE SYSTEM whose job it is to PROTECT you from any “BAD GUYS” that enter your body (like yucky, gross bacteria or germs)? Hey, it’s kinda like your body’s own Superhero Station!

      When the BAD GUYS (bacteria or germs) enter your body, your IMMUNE SYSTEM(AKA, Superhero Station) sends out SuperHero Agents (called ANTIBODIESto attack and destroy them. Well, believing that something that you allergic to like say... eggs is one of the BAD GUYS the SuperHero agents (ANTIBODIESrush to defend you by releasing STRONG CHEMICAL WEAPONS within your bodycalled HISTAMINES and that’ s what causes those yucky symptoms like swollen eyes, hives, coughing, difficulty breathing and lots more. In a nutshell (no pun intended) your allergies are pretty much the result of a simple case of mistaken identity.

  • Help, what should I do if I have an allergy?
    • Run like the wind…

      Okay I’m just kidding. But kidding aside...

       Right now there’s no real cure for allergies so your best bet is to:


      If you have food allergies then…
      Don’t trade food with your friends!
      Don’t eat food if you don't know what's in it!
      Read all food labels.
      Read all food labels.
      Read all food labels!

      Oh and if you can’t understand them, make sure that someone who can does. Your family and other grown ups are probably really good at helping you with this.


      Your family doctor, a pediatrician or a specialist such as an allergist can help a lot. I’m kinda like an expert but let’s face it, I’m also kinda just a peanut too, so make sure you get some real help. A doctor can test you to see what allergies you have, check to see if the symptoms to your allergy are getting worse or better and give you a prescription for medicine to help make your symptoms go away.



      Hey that smart doctor I just mentioned, well he or she can let you know about what kind of medicine you can take when you are having an allergic reaction or even to help you avoid having an allergic reaction.  Below are some examples of what your doctor may prescribe to you. 


      – two doses of a medicine called epinephrine.  This medicine is prescribed to people who are have severe allergies and usually comes in an auto injector (an auto injector is a medical device designed to give you a measured dose of medicine in case of an emergency.

      -  Diphenhydramine (most commonly known as Benadryl).  Comes in both liquid form as well as pills.

      – an inhaler  (this is for kids who have asthma as well)



      Hey there’s nothing to be embarrassed about! Millions of kids all around the world have allergies!  As a matter of fact, it would be really smart to wear something that lets other people know what you’re allergic to -– like an AllerMates® necklace or wristband. That way people like your teachers and friends can help you stay away from whatever it is you’re allergic to.

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Please seek the advice of your physician regarding any treatment for allergies and asthma.